About me

The ‘naturalnie_dywany’ brand is focused mainly on handicrafts and craftwork. The ancient weaving techniques are our starting point and the inspiration for modern solutions. Getting to know the realisation processes used several centuries ago is really creative and nonredundant. Knowing crafts and folk arts strengthens the creativity and cultivates vernacular cultural values. Tradition is a very important element of design as it helps us get to know ourselves, our origins, and improve ourselves by implementing new projects.

Our imagination is the only limit and that is why culture and history play such an important part here. Thanks to these values and applying them as a ‘medium’ in the experimental realisation process contributes to innovation in the design of contemporary patterns. It helps achieve perfect harmony between design, tradition and the finished product. We value natural materials and upright crafts based on tradition. In our projects, we have repeatedly referred to specific techniques and weaving solutions – that’s what motivates us. We love it!


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